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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well, it is Thursday again and I am ready for the weekend.  We have alot to get done this weekend but I am just hoping to get a majority of it finished.  Saturday morning, Rod is wanting to take me out to breakfast then off to Lowe's to pick out some crown molding for the living room.  After that, it is home bound to start painting and stripping and cleaning and well you name it.  There is just alot I want to get done before Labor Day weekend.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, I haven't been on in a little while I know but life around here has been very busy.  We have recently divided one large bedroom into 2 and are trying to get them finished among about a million other things.  We went last weekend and bought the paint and the flooring so that when Rodney finally gets the sheetrock mudded I can start in.  I am not real sure how he feels about the colors (pink and teal) but that is what the girls were wanting so that is what I bought.  He just said, it is their rooms and they can shut the doors lol.
We bought two more nanny goats but they are not cooperating very well with the milking.  I don't guess the guy that we got them from messed with them much.  I think Rodney is going to dry them off until they get good and used to him, so that maybe after their next litter they won't be so wild.
If you don't hear anything for awhile, don't fret.  We are going to be busy little O'Possums.  Labor Day weekend we are hosting the Wallace family reunion at our house (AHHHHHH).  With all the remodeling we have been doing and still plan to do, I just hope we are ready when Labor Day gets here.  Rodney told me that it has been several several years since they have all gotten together, so it will work out one way or another.
Wish us luck and if you are a painter, a decorater, or just a maid....come on over for a visit.  I will feed you and give you the beverage of your choice ;)