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Monday, June 20, 2011

What is that in my pool?  No it is not Coca Cola or hot chocolate.  It is dark red water.  We filled the pool up this weekend with the water from our well and it had a light orange tint.  Without researching more, we shocked it and BOOM we ended up with this mess.  We have been changing filters often and have taken a few hints from others but we are still dealing with muck.  I have put socks over the intake and outtake hoses but if this worked for others, it sure isnt working for us.  So the next step is, either letting it settle out and trying to vaccuum it or draining the pool and starting from scratch.
After researching my flub up, I have learned this...
          First and foremost, always prefilter your water going into your pool.
          Never ever shock the pool til it has filtered most of what is already there out.
          And dont get in a hurry just because you are hot and want to play in the water

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